History of water tap

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The water tap in Istanbul first appeared in sixteenth Century, four hundred or five hundred years earlier than Beijing.

Bronze Faucet

Before the advent of the faucet, water fountain wall inlaid with a beast head shaped, usually made of stone, a few made of metal "water mouth" (I don't translate well), from where the flow out of the water has been without any control of the long water. In order to avoid wasting water and solve the serious shortage of water resources, people have developed tap.

The original faucet was cast in bronze, and later replaced with a cheaper brass. Some taps are just simple

Practical, some are very decorative. A variety of different shapes of taps, such as snake, dragon shape, ram head shape, geometry, or flowers and plants are reflected in the architectural style of the era of the era. Court and other important buildings

The tap is made of silver, silver or bronze alloy plated, and carved. In the 18th and 19th century, made for the court and the luxury of tap pay more attention to decorative, that shading and the Lord took Penn, the practical function of placing him

Under the decorative effect, said that they are not too far from the arts and crafts.

In the palace, the street outside the wall or mosque water fountain can still be seen in a variety of antique faucet. No

Had only visited the museum, can really appreciate the decorative Osman taps is how to more than its usefulness. The faucet museum is a company that produces the faucet in Turkey.

E.C.A. company. Of which the collection of more than Osman, the exquisite workmanship of my surprise. But in order to facilitate maintenance, these taps are designed to be easy to disassemble, so the flow of the faucet

A lot of water taps are difficult to find out what kind of building it is. We can only guess: is the court? Regal? Or on the street? Ordinary people's home?

Entered in twenty-first Century, the consumer market has changed greatly, the material wealth has created the world

View life thought, many consumers began to taste of life with his unique understanding and interests, they highlight the exquisite life, materialism, cultural taste, personality, self banner, to create their own perfect life

Space, in the past many families buy taps, simply think that can be used on the line". Now, with the increasingly obvious style of home decoration, bathroom space also began to make publicity personality, in order to create personalized bathroom space

, from the faucet, washbasin, shower facilities to sanitary fittings and so on, unique design, everywhere reveals the character and extraordinary taste, classic art design breaks through the conventional way of thinking, faucet as a piece of art and

Co use, to bring a bit of cultural space to the bathroom space. Under the concept of the new consumption, the artistic tap has the taste of the user and the ornamental value, and the artistic water tap increases the humanized design of the full sense.

Body, pay attention to the actual needs of the different age levels, such as the shape of the "dragon", to have a feeling of good luck, and love in the older age groups. Children are starting to become the target customers in the bathroom. They have and adults

Completely different needs and demands, according to the special needs of children, meet the demands of the children's emotional design, such as rabbits, little mouse, cartoon concept, by the children's favorite, there are people and plants, and so on the

Female friends love. So as to get the broad prospect of the consumer market.

Electric heating water tap

The electric heating water tap is also called a hot type water tap or a quick hot water tap, which comprises a water tap body and a water flow control opening.

The faucet body is provided with a heating cavity and an electric appliance control cavity, which is separated by a sealing plate, a heating circuit is arranged in the control chamber of the electric appliance, and a heating tube is arranged in the heating cavity. The power of the heating tube is generally in the 2-3KW, and the heating tube can be added in 3-5 seconds.

Hot hot water, heating pipe is connected with the heating circuit, which is characterized in that the heating tube is an insulating heating tube; insulated heating pipe for water and electricity isolation type insulated heating tube; tap body most is high temperature resistant engineering plastics type, a few for the whole

The electric appliance control cavity is provided with an insulating water pressure switch. The heating circuit is provided with an electric appliance switch, which is connected with the end of the insulating water pressure switch, and is provided with a temperature controller and an anti dry burning device.

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