Shower product points

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Product classification

High-grade shower


According to the 1 form is divided into: hand shower, shower head and side spray shower.

2 according to the way out of the water

(1) the general formula: the bath water flow, which is suitable for simple and quick shower.

(2) massage spray: refers to the strong discontinuity pour into, can stimulate the acupuncture points every body.

(3) turbine type: water flow is concentrated as a water column, so that the skin has a slight tingling feeling, this kind of bath can be a good stimulation, a clear mind;

(4) strong beam type: the strong flow of water, through the collision between the water to produce a fog like effect, can increase the bath fun.

(5) soft type; the water is slow, there is the effect of relaxation.

Music shower

3 according to the installation height for shower:

(1) built-in shower: Wall buried outlet center and ground should be 2.1 meters, the shower switch center distance and the ground is best for 1.1 meters away from.

(2) with the lifting rod out of the water to shower shower: the general definition, the best distance is 2 meters.

4. Music shower: with the continuous progress of science and technology, mini waterproof stereo integrated into the shower can let a person in the bath also enjoy relaxed and pleasant music. Some high-end products also with Bluetooth call feature.

Product certification standards

CSC/T 37-2005 "shower water-saving product certification technology"

technical requirement

The main physical and mechanical properties of the indicators should be in accordance with the provisions of [flow (L/s)]:

The water pressure is 1 (0.1 + 0.01) MPa when the flow rate is less than or equal to 0.15L/s;

2 service life (sub): 1 * 10

With the shower hose connected with the JC 886-2001 in accordance with the provisions.

Design selection points

1 water saving function is the key to consider buying the shower. Some shower using steel ball valve, and to adjust the controller can adjust the hot water, hot water into the mixing tank

The inflow of hot water can be quickly and accurately. This kind of reasonable designed sprinklers than ordinary shower water 50%. Adjust the multi segment function shower is mainly through the water outlet hole to different water, in order to

To the effect of water saving and water shower shower model can be divided into thousands of tiny water such as rain water particle. The most prominent single strand type shower water is fully condensed water column, although washing is powerful, but each nozzle will self

Dynamic reduction of water.

The 2 should pay attention to whether the shower is easy to clean.

3 shower accessories will directly affect the use of comfort.

4. The shower product design trend is fixed shower and handheld shower combinations of configuration, that is, at the same time are respectively arranged fixed and handheld shower.

5 shower products mostly dominated by plastic material, more high-grade silica gel.

6 in addition to shower water, but also has the advantages of energy saving, self-cleaning, constant water temperature and other diverse functions.

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