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Good design can ensure each shower nozzle water distribution is basically the same, so the choice of shower must see


Water. Water saving function is the key to consider buying the shower. Some shower with the ball valve, and to adjust the hot water controller can regulate water flows into the mixing tank, so as to make the hot water can be rapidly and accurately outflow. This kind of reasonable designed sprinklers than ordinary shower water 50%.

When you pick it, let the shower head tilt water, if the top orifice outlet obviously small or simply not, indicating that the internal design of the shower is very general, even with lasing, jet and other water, users may not pleasant experience.

This should pay attention to whether the shower nozzle, easy to clean. The shower is often due to the blockage of the water outlet screen cover pile

Product caused by impurities, shower with a long time will inevitably have scale deposition, if you can not get cleaned up, some spray holes may will be plugged, often in order to avoid clogging due to poor water quality caused by water outlet, well-designed shower nozzle

Prominent in and it is easy to clean, or nozzle is made of silica gel material, cleaning with a rag or hands can be brushed the nozzle is deposited on the scale. Some shower also set up automatic scale removal function, you can purchase in the shower

This is a question.

Look at the coating and spool, generally speaking, the surface is bright and smooth shower, the coating process is better. Good valve core is made of high hardness of the ceramic, smooth, wear-resistant, to prevent leaking, the consumers themselves must begin to twist try switching, if feel poorer, the shower is best not to buy.

Finally, shower accessories will directly affect the use of comfort, also need to pay special attention to. Such as water pipe and a lifting rod is flexible, shower hose and wire anti bending ability, whether with anti tussle for the ball bearings at the connecting place of the shower, lifting rod is safe rotation controller.

How to measure the quality of the shower

Water outlet mode

A variety of water is no longer a senior shower patent, and gradually spread to the general brand shower. A shower is generally equipped with four kinds of water, the following are the most common:

First, the most basic shower bath water;

Two, rain type, every little bit of continuous water;

Three, massage, water strong, intermittent pouring, relax the body;

Four, Effleurage, continuous and small water;

Five, single unit type, a water column of water concentration.

Adjust the method is very simple, crowded by the small handle or directly on the shower head can freely rotate the water transfer.

One type of shower

Constant temperature and water saving function

To re adjust the water temperature every time you take a bath? This is too much trouble! Many of the shower are equipped with thermostatic device can not only control temperature, by metal ball to help you "memory" is suitable for temperature, when you choose a water temperature will be fixed. After each bath water temperature constant. The shower is easy to control the water temperature and flow, and also can ensure the safety of bathing for the elderly and children.

The shape of the device and the common tap switch, at the same time, with regulating water control, used to control the hot water flows into the mixing tank, so as to make the hot water can be rapidly and accurately outflow, both to water saving and energy saving. That is to say memory to the side of the water temperature, while regulating the amount of water, the maximum water 50% does not affect the effect of effluent.

Water purification to chlorine

The traditional shower shower, only pay attention to the quality and water saving. In today's era, people are not satisfied with the requirements of healthy life. Multifunctional shower fashion pieces is the first choice for people. Net water shower refers to the shower head with water purification by high energy ball and surface mounted permanent magnet purification etc. through magnetization, adsorption, filtration, oxidation and ionization, the purification of water containing chlorine, bacteria, foreign matter such as impurities, let the pure water, enjoy the health bath. There are three common sun magnetic head.

Self cleaning

The traditional shower, the water outlet is usually inside, and there is a kind of style are on the market

Instead, designers boldly exposed outside the hole, rubber texture feels stiff. According to the introduction, this design on the one hand is more convenient to clean, used in military, cloth to scrub; on the other hand, hole highlighted in

Outside, shower water will be more natural. In addition, some shower with self-cleaning function, water, dirt cleaning needles will automatically clean the water outlet of the sediment. However, the price than general shower is expensive.

Accessories details

The shower head directly affect water texture, and shower accessories will affect the use of comfort. Some brands of water pipe and a lifting rod is particularly flexible, hose and wire bending material, connection also set anti tussle for the ball bearing, even if your side bathing side dance that water does not fight; lifting lever with rotation controller to vertical or horizontal movement is easy as the palm.

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